I Am Not Sorry

Heyo! Long time no see I presume..? I've honestly lost track of when the last time I have posted on this blog site an I have to conclude that a post is indeed long over due. So I guess I could say that this is somewhat of a life update once again. I'm supposed to …

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A Serious Talk.|

I thought that today we could talk about something serious. Today I want to talk about Fat Shaming, and I already know what your thinking. "Carolynn you aren't fat, why are we talking about this?" Honestly, I don't care if I am not. This is something I am passionate about and since your reading this …

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God’s Calling?

||May 26th 2016|| As I sit here in my classroom after exams I cannot help but wonder about the word calling. While it may bring someone comfort, it can also bring them anxiety. Lately I've been feeling a pull towards ministry and that's a whole jumble of different feelings. Before God even revealed his calling …

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