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Hello my lovelies! Welcome to the first ever 2017 blog post! I’m seriously so hyped about finally typing one after the long month we all have endured. January is the actual Monday of the year.

Welp, We have a new President of the United States and that is Donald J. Trump.

Most of my friends know that I have been totally radio silent on the matter.

Why? because I hate talking about politics, I hate posting about politics but OH HOW I LOVE THE MEMES. Seriously I hope I am not alone in this.

I honestly don’t see the appeal in advertising my political views, heck does it even matter since I won’t be able to vote until 2020?


because honestly its causing arguments, and probably breaking up families.


So I come to you tonight with this,

President Trump is not God, He is a business man from The Big Apple, The Oval Office is NOT Heaven.

People are so worried about America when we should be giving our worries and doubts to God.

That’s what wrong with America.

We are so focused on our leader that I’m actually starting to get convinced that our republic is a monarchy.

Why America?

Why Church?

Why are we talking about politics so much, when we could be talking about how to save those people who live down the street from you?

Our focus is in the wrong place. Instead of focusing on the government we should be focusing on Christ.

Christ. The son of God, ya know. Our savior who was crucified and died for all the sins we commit on the daily?

I challenge each and every one of you to log off and stop focusing on the country when your main focus should be Christ.

Even in our marriages, relationships and families, it’s ‘God first.’

Why are we making an exception for our country?

Regardless on where you stand behind President Trump, isn’t Our God bigger than all of this?

Jeremiah 32:27 says “I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?”

We are flawed, We our broken and We are sinners but only God can take the shattered vase of your life and make you into the beautiful Christ centered mosaic that He created you to be.

Yes, I do have guts to talk about the elephant in the room because I believe we all need to adjust our focus.

Please, and this kills me to have to say this but Please keep your political comments to yourself and off my blog post. I definitely will not appreciate a mega long paragraph under my post and they will be deleted. I did not bash President Trump and I did not speak about my political views, its proper conversational etiquette to not give imput on a matter unless asked about it.

Again I hated to have to type that but it is something I just don’t have the energy to deal with and is the exact purpose of writing this post.

AND!! with the new year I thought I’d start a new ‘end quote’

-Be Happy, Be True, Be You.-

-Carolynn Bright



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