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A Serious Talk.|

I thought that today we could talk about something serious.

Today I want to talk about Fat Shaming, and I already know what your thinking.

“Carolynn you aren’t fat, why are we talking about this?”

Honestly, I don’t care if I am not. This is something I am passionate about and since your reading this blog there is something about it that makes you passionate as well.

Growing up I’ve never ever had an issue with being too big, but the complete opposite being too small. Being in middle school was not a good time for me. It’s a time in all of our lives where we are all growing and becoming the young men and women we should be.

As most of us know, it’s a very vulnerable state as well. I was thin and skinny and I still am, it absolutely sucked when people would make fun of you because you had “no butt,” or that you were like a “twig”

I may be a average skinny person and most people might think that as the “perfect” body shape but I don’t.

Till this very day, this very minute I still do certain things that I wouldn’t even think of doing if I wasn’t called all these things during that time.

When I eat supper at home before going out somewhere, I always feel the need to make sure to tell people that I’ve already ate so they don’t think I have Anorexia or Bulimia.

I’m going to be honest with you guys, people probably think I have a perfect body while others don’t. Some people want me to wear certain clothes simply because “I have the body for it”

After being self conscious for a huge part of my life and being called a twig, I don’t always feel 100 percent comfortable just walking out of the house looking a certain way.

I do things so I don’t have to show off my body. I always wear a jacket or cardigan because if I don’t wear something I feel insecure, bare and well cold. (duh.) I used to never. ever. wear dresses cause I felt that my long legs made me look too skinny. I sometimes hate wearing certain types of shoes because I feel like they make my ankles and legs look too thin. Not gonna lie, I avoid certain types of clothing so I don’t look flat-chested.

Honestly, these are things that I struggle with on a daily basis, I have my good days and  my bad.

Do I love my body? -Yes.

Do I love myself? -Yes.

but because of what I struggled with in the past, I struggle with those insecurities. It is basically en-coded in my DNA to react those ways because of what people said to me.

What inspired this post?

Today I woke up, got a full eight hours of sleep and the first thing I thought of was Miss Remi Asten’s new video she posted the other day. For those of you who don’t know who she is, she is a popular YouTuber and currently makes the most bomb DIYs.

You see I haven’t seen her video yet and for some reason I felt called to watch it and here I am.

Her video was called “Fat Shaming” and I can’t help but say that I wanted to hear about it because I may be “skinny” but it’s something I’m passionate about as well. I refuse to even shop at some stores because they don’t “cater” to bigger women.

She talks about the struggles she goes through, being in the spotlight on YouTube and how she is helping to inspire others by just being herself.

It’s not okay. It’s not okay to shame others just by what they wear or what they look like.

Some people think it will never ever end but the question I want to ask those people is What are you doing to help?

Sure I’m not gonna lie it’s never going to go away completely, but what are you doing to lessen the chances of your brother, sister or even children of going through something like this?

By teaching our children, our siblings and friends that it isn’t okay to say certain things we can change the world little by little.

That fitting in and calling that person “fat”,”skinny”,”or”ugly” is not the right thing to do. That just because a person is different from you, doesn’t mean they have less feelings then you.

What are you doing?

Be the change you want to see in the world.

||Wake, Pray, Slay||

-Carolynn Bright


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