VBS – Walk This Way.||

||August 16th 2016||

This may seem like a cliché post or something along those lines, but I thought that most would like to know exactly what runs through your head during a fantastic event like so.

About a year ago October 18th I believe, I started working in my church’s Children Ministries. It was honestly a spur of the moment type thing and I had just started attending church on Sunday’s.

The first couple times I had gotten to be in there was eye opening. It was most definitely a learning experience, but I wanted to do more than just help, I wanted to teach.

So, I did. I went up and started doing the Storyteller, Host, Small Groups, Worship and so on. The first time I ever taught was the first time in my life that I’ve ever felt so much joy and love in my life. Not only from the kids but from Our Father Himself.

About a couple weeks later, He gave me His divine calling for my life. You should ask me about it sometime because I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to describe it in this mere blog post.

Honestly this blog would suck if I didn’t tell you guys my calling so here it goes.

As I just explained this happened a couple weeks after I first started teaching a month or so since I started helping with Kids Church. This occurred to me within a dream but I absolutely hate calling it that because it most definitely wasn’t just a “dream”. I awoke in this “dream” when I heard a scream of pure agony outside my bedroom window. I hid on the side of my window curious of what was going on, I looked outside to see that people were being dragged and burned at the stakes. The crazy thing was that while my human body was afraid my spiritual body was ready to help. My neighbors kids showed up and my first instinct was to get them to safety.

It ended there. While most will argue that it was just a dream, to me it wasn’t. I wanted with all my will power to help those people but once the kids came into the picture I had to get them to safety first before I did anything else.

It wasn’t just a dream. This was something so eye opening for me.

Before I started teaching, I never in my life experienced such a joy in what I was doing in my life until I started teaching in the 252 room. Not just my own joy but the joy of Our Father.

So, when I got chosen for the Host part for our church’s VBS it was a huge responsibility. I took it seriously, I prepped and made sure that I and the people working with me we’re on the same page. I had skits, games and transitions that I needed to pay attention to. I started my part as Host, day 2 of our VBS, at first I felt excited and happy but for some reason I knew that something was definitely off. I went up on stage for the first part and I couldn’t help but feel discouraged and feeling like I wasn’t giving it my all.

You see everything that could have went wrong day two, went wrong. We had tech issues, transition issues and skit problems. I had already felt discouraged, plus with all the other problems just added on to it.

It wasn’t until the day was over that I realized that it was definitely Satan trying to steal my joy and he succeeded. I was so mad, upset and discouraged at the end of day two compared to the joy I was feeling before I got on stage. After I realized this I began to pray for God to give me the strength and mindset to walk into VBS day 4 and stick it to Satan because he wasn’t going to steal my joy again. I prayed over the event itself, the people running and helping with it.

I’m proud to say that I did ‘Stick it to em’ I confidently got up on stage and gave the message I was soposed to do for the kids. I was happy, and constantly thanking God for answering my prayers.

I realized another thing as well. Once you start doing something for a long time you feel like your never doing enough. I believe everyone feels this way every once in awhile.

You wanna know something?

After the event I had peers, parents and pastors come up to me and tell me I did an amazing job. I even had a parent complement me telling me how amazing I was with kids and that I truly had a gift. Yet sometimes I even forget that I have that gift.

This is why we have fellowship, peers and community because as we are following Gods path for our life, we are going to need a support system of other believers to encourage us and remind us that we are given such gifts.

Looking around the event and taking everything in I was in awe of what God is able to do. He’s able to answer my prayers, bless many of kids with shoes and even begin new light in this world of darkness.

Walk This Way-VBS will be an event that I will hold dear to my heart for years to come.

||Wake, Pray, Slay||

~Carolynn Bright



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