||June 18th 2016||

Faith is one of those words that you would use in your everyday life. Don’t believe me?

“I have faith in you,” is something you say to show encouragement to remind someone that you believe in them.

I’m absolutely in love with, not only the word faith but Him who is behind that word.

God has taught me so much about faith. He himself is faithful, while the devil only seeks to destroy. He’s taught me how to have faith in him in order to be able to stand firm in my faith. (See what I did there..?)

He’s taught me to have the to pray to have the faith to trust him, when the path ahead of me isn’t so straight and when I find myself worrying or doubting our great Father. I pray.

When I get up in the morning and life feels like it’s gonna crumble down right in front of me, I get right outta that bed because I know that in the end God is leading me by his perfect will.

It’s not even that I believe in God, I have faith that no matter what happens, whether I understand it or not I have to believe and know that He is doing exactly what is right and perfect for me.

I look back on my life (My Past), I know Satan hates it because he can no longer use it against me. Everything that has happened in the past I look at with a positive outlook. I’m not embarrassed about my past. You can ask me anything and I will not hesitate to tell you about it. The things I’ve gone through are either looked at as things God has already used to teach me and prepare me or they are yet to be used in my life.

I’ve learned one big thing about faith. It’s definitely about taking no crap from the devil himself. I know he must hate it because when I sense his presence, I say this-

“Satan you have already lost, and you are not going to be stealing my joy,”

I’ve encountered spiritual warfare and while my physical body was scared, my spiritual body was ready to take a stand.

I kid you not, when I feel a not so friendly presence, I’m dead scared but I still leap up out of my bed and begin to praise the Lord. While my legs are shaking with fear I ignore it and continue to praise our Father, I whip out my bible and read it for however long I feel is fit and I even pray.

These are some of best things you can do while dealing with spiritual warfare but let me tell you. It’s a real thing. It’s scary but if you are firm in your faith you got it. Let’s not forget God is with you and will always have your back.

I have faith that as my life goes on that God will always have my back and has the greatest plan for me.

I find it to be such a marvelous thing that we have a creator who created each of us so different and unique. He not only created us but he set apart a plan for our lives by his perfect will.

Have faith in our God for he formed us in our mother’s womb.

Have faith in the one who sent his one and only son to die for our sins.

Have faith that no matter what life throws at you that it is by his perfect timing.

How great is our God?

-The world may never know, but it’s what keeps me running after him and loving him for as long as I shall breathe.

||Wake, Pray, Slay||

~Carolynn Bright


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