||June 4th 2016||

If you guys know me even the least bit, you know that I actually attend this really cool thing called church. Lately our Youth Pastor has been talking about community and it’s made me realize how much community means to me. Community is the people who you surround yourself with, your friends, homies and squad.

A little over a year ago I was never aware of the awesome community I’m surrounded with today. A year ago I was the shy girl who was still afraid to make eye contact with strangers or even fellow classmates of mine. I was the girl who never participated in youth group activities. The girl who never smiled and would never ever laugh. I constantly thought everyone was out to get me.

I’m not gonna lie years ago our youth group was really cliquey. Truth is that I didn’t feel welcome at all, it was hard to realize how awesome Jesus is when you don’t have a community. After awhile we got a new youth pastor and after months of skipping out on church, I decided to give it another shot. I knew as soon as I walked into sanctuary that the atmosphere itself had changed since the last time I was there. I kept on coming back and back because I’ve never once in my life seen a couple so on-fire for Christ as they were.

I even started coming back to our girls bible study, I learned so much about God and I got to see first hand on how Christ had made a difference in their lives. I knew from that moment on that I wanted to be a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ. I’m happy to say that I have been dedicated from that point on and I cannot even begin to start on how much Christ has impacted my life.

I was actually praying the other day and I was talking to God about how I don’t deserve to be blessed with the people he has put in my life nor do I deserve the gifts he has given me. I sin everyday, we all do but when we fail, when we sin we have someone who loves us and forgives us, despite everything.

Honestly, after those youth pastors left, my heart was broken, torn and shredded.  I realized though that everything happens for a reason and I believe till this very day that without them, I wouldn’t have dedicated my life to Christ. I mean sure I was saved but there’s a difference between being saved and living the lifestyle. Christianity isn’t just a religion, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a life dedicated to Christ.

Once I started changing the way I lived and learned to dedicate all my time into glorifying God, man did things start moving!!

I entered into children’s church, I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into but without teaching, I would’ve never gotten my calling into ministry. Without my community taking notice I wouldn’t have the friends I have today. Jenna has been one of the main motivators in my life and I’m literally so blessed to call her my friend. I wouldn’t have even considered Fine Arts of it wasn’t for her. During that time I felt like God was calling me to complete a Short Sermon and that’s what I did.

Just last Wednesday I emceed for Pastor Brad and I cannot say it was perfection cause I forgot a couple parts. It was just amazing how walking up on-to the stage, I didn’t even have the first sentence in my head but when I got up there and man did the spirit hit me like a truck. God was telling me in that moment that it couldn’t be something rehearsed, that I had to be real and tell them what God had placed on my heart. I’m still in awe that God even used me to speak into the lives of my peers but it’s the part that keeps me going.

I love to serve and make differences in people lives. I’m honestly becoming the person I needed years ago. I don’t discriminate and I try my hardest not to judge. (I mean who can honestly say they don’t judge?!) I feel that no matter who you are Christian or not, gay, atheist, etc. It doesn’t give me the right to judge. I always tell people, I may not agree with their lifestyle but God did not put me on this earth to judge, he put me on this earth to be a light just like other Christians are called to do. So, even if I talk to a guy who is straight up atheist, I am not agreeing with his lifestyle, I’m being the light because believe it or not he’s very curious of this ‘thing’ we call Christianity. I don’t bash him because of his choices, I don’t judge him for being the way his is, I choose to love him because God says to love thy neighbor. That despite his choices, I know a God who loves him. So why should I be the judge of him?

Without all of the people in my life I wouldn’t be as carefree or bubbly. I wouldn’t have committed to the Christian lifestyle. I probably wouldn’t have taught or preached. The best thing about this is that with all the people in my life, they strive to be the light. I strive everyday to be a light for Christ.

I ask this question all the time, why do people fancy me? I mean you want people to like you right? Me, I’ve always been the person who tried not to care about those things and as I got older and grew out of depression, I definitely didn’t focus on what people thought of me. I’ve grown into the type of person who doesn’t care about your faults or cracks but I see the true beauty within a person. The more I come to realize is that I am becoming the light for Christ. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I’m living my life for Christ. I’ve had people tell me numerous times that I have such a fire and passion for Christ. I’m shocked that people can see that within me. In the same sense it makes me so happy because I always pray that when people see me, they don’t see me but they see Jesus.

I pray constantly telling God that I want people to see Christ in all my works. I pray often saying,

“You are my Shepard and I am your sheep, where you go I will follow,”


“God I am yours and you are mine, use me. Here I am,”

I love the last one. Here I am. I believe that if we’re going to be Christians who start a revival, who change the world. We need to submit to God. Here I am. The whole point of this post is that if you wanna be a world changer, get out there! Jesus didn’t die on the cross so you can sit around and twiddle your fingers. Instead focus on God and passionately run to him with every ounce of energy you have. Don’t worry about what others think of you, your main goal should be that when others see you they see Christ. Develop relationships with your community, surround yourself with people who are gonna push you up but they know when to give you honest advice and tough love.

I know that now I have a whole community, Church who has my back no matter what. I have a great group of friends who know when to get excited and know when to give me tough love. I know a God who has blessed me with all these things despite my sins and despite my failures. You are enough, you wouldn’t be here on this earth created by the most glorious creator if you weren’t.

Get out there and start a revival.

||Wake, Pray, Slay||

~Carolynn Bright


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