Welcome to Small Person, Big Voice!

Hello Stranger!!


Welcome to my blog!


Here you’ll find a whole new me. Wow, that doesn’t sound weird at all, for those of you who know me personally you probably know me as the reserved, obnoxious, and incredibly awkward human being I am today.

On this platform, you are able to see the me behind all of that. The intellectual, deep, emotion filled Carolynn that I am behind awkwardness.


As, most of you know I lost my mom about 8 months ago and I’m happy to say that things are much better than what they were. It sucks sometimes, I miss her sometimes. It sucks that all I can do is somberly smile at our pictures together. I am happy she’s no longer in pain, and I am happy that even though she’s no longer by my side, she’s left me with a family that supports me and gives me the unconditional love that she gave me everyday.

Once again, I love you all more than you’ll ever know.

Never give up on the hope that things will get better because one day it will, before you even realize it.

Much Love, -Carolynn

UPDATED 11/4/2017