Welcome to Small Person, Big Voice!

Hello Stranger!!


Welcome to my blog!

Can I just start out to say that sometimes life isn’t always what it seems to be? One moment you couldn’t be happier with your life and then the next moment you begin to think it couldn’t be any worst?

Sometimes we fall, we break, we lash out, we cry, but it’s truly what we do after the fact that could potentially be life changing and spark a chain reaction.

Here you’ll find a place of safety, a place to realize that you aren’t the only person on this earth dealing with crazy things such as the death of your mom. This is a place to be you. So don’t let anyone dull your shine because one day you’ll blind all the haters. I promise never to sugar coat anything and be real with you. I’m my moms voice and and a mental health activist don’t be afraid and don’t be silent.