Welcome to Small Person, Big Voice!

Hello Stranger!!

18057738_1474562935928449_5376456554414486981_nWelcome to my blog!

Here we go once, again I’ve taken a break from blogging, pondering on my emotions and attempting to get my life put together as usual.

Welcome, to my little blog, a blog I began in 2015 on the blogger platform with the same vision, to help anyone who clicks on my blog, that somehow they will find comfort in one of my posts, that they will connect in someway and find the peace that they are looking for in the mist of chaos.

If that’s what your looking for I am so very happy and you’ll always be welcome to experience the crazy battles in life with me.

Once again, I love you all more than you’ll ever know.

Never give up on the hope that things will get better because one day it will, before you even realize it.

Much Love, -Carolynn

UPDATED 4/9/2018